A Fat Girl From NJ

Acceptance at it's finest

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koafoc asked: The girl with the white shirt on the last picture is so cute! well you are both perfect!! I wish it was me between these two astonishing woman. Saludos my friend..

aw ill let her know you think that!! 

have a good night! 

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Anonymous asked: would love to see more of you in the red dress posted jan 22 2012!

oh since you asked nicely! there aren’t many but here’s what I do have… vacation with a bunch of my friends! pictures will be posted! 

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Anonymous asked: Hi. Ive seen you on a dating website. I would really like to get to know you. I think we might make a connection :)

Oh, which site?! Why be anonymous? Link me that profile! 

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Anonymous asked: 68 through 71

68. What is your sexual orientation? heterosexual 

69. What turns you off? sexually? um..  a selfish lover

70. What turns you on? a selfless lover :) 

71. What was your kinkiest wet dream? anything with bondage and maybe outside :)